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For over 30 years we have been providing satisfied customers with quality room additions, kitchen and bath remodels, and home makeovers.

The construction industry is evolving. Companies everywhere are claiming to be “green”. As in so many other industries, green is the new “buzz word” in the construction trades. Comfort City is part of this green building trend, but here’s how we differ:

We use a solutions approach, not a product-based one. Until now, the standard practice of the construction industry has been to offer “product-based” solutions for your remodeling projects. Each specialty contractor or specialty trade comes in, installs their particular product, and leaves. The flaw to this approach is that every time you change or alter a building, you also change and alter its performance. So how can you tell if the change you have made results in greater energy efficiency? Wouldn’t it be nice to know before you spent the money?

We use state-of-the-art, cutting-edge equipment. Today’s best practices allow building scientists to thoroughly measure and evaluate a home’s energy efficiency. We use technology such as infrared thermal imaging to actually SEE where air is leaking from your home, or where moisture is coming in. Our equipment allows us to draw a far more accurate energy profile of your building than has ever been possible before.

We test in and we test out. Buildings function as a whole; all parts are interactive. When we remodel a building, we directly measure the changes we have made. Have we changed the building envelope? Is the thermal boundary still functioning? Could it be better? Have we changed internal pressures? Is the air quality of your home as healthy as it should be? Is your home more or less energy-efficient as a result of the remodeling project? It’s not guess work – we directly measure the improved performance of your building based on the measures we have recommended and the work we have completed.

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