Heating & Air Conditioning

The professionals at Comfort City Inc. have over 14 years of experience in the heating and air conditioning field. Whether heating your home or office in the winter or cooling it during the summer months, we understand the need to balance comfort with efficiency and cost. Frustrated by uneven heating or cooling along with an expensive monthly utility bill? Let our energy efficiency specialists test your system’s performance and determine precisely how to address your concerns. Our range of services include replacing filters, upgrading your system’s components, sealing leaky duct work, repairs, retrofits, installing completely new systems, and more. Regardless of the problem, you can have confidence that we will correctly size your system and show you measurable results based on the work we complete.

We put your comfort first weather it’s in the product performance, product it self or the warranty it provides for you after we have installed the system. Here at Comfort City Inc we want you to have piece-of-mind when we complete your improvements. Knowing that the work has been done above and beyond current standards, so that you will have confidence for years to come that our products will last.


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