Energy Retrofits

Energy Retrofits. Need new appliances or thinking about installing new windows? Following a conventional product-based approach to improving building performance, there are certainly many options for energy retrofits, from replacing doors and windows, to replacing or adding insulation, to installing new heating and cooling systems. However, a leaky home with nice new windows is still a leaky home. Plugging the energy “holes” that compromise your comfort and cost you money will take more than adding insulation. There is no “silver bullet” or one-size-fits-all solution for improving building performance.

There is no single, perfect approach to energy efficiency. Today’s best practices demonstrate that a series of simple retrofits done in conjunction with each other will have a cumulative effect. We can use our test results to directly measure the improved performance of your home. The result of this comprehensive whole-building approach is lower energy costs, unsurpassed comfort, and a healthy living environment for years to come.

Think “silver BB’s” instead of a “silver bullet”. The solutions we recommend for your home or office space are unique to you and reflect your unique energy profile, which is based on our complete diagnostic work-up.

The complete package of energy retrofit solutions. Once we determine what your specific needs are, Comfort City has the expertise you are looking for. Our building performance specialists are licensed contractors with years of experience in the construction trades and specialized training in the emerging field of building science. Whether your retrofit needs are small scale or large scale, the professionals at Comfort City are equipped to recommend the strategies that will have the biggest impact on your home or workspace and the smallest impact on your bottom line.

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