Building Diagnostics

At Comfort City, our building performance specialists provide a complete package of tests and services that allow us to present a comprehensive picture of all energy-related issues in your home or office. Our thorough, whole-building approach includes:

  • Gathering information about your past energy use.
  • Analyzing the exterior of your building to uncover any moisture, exposure, or structural concerns.
  • Checking for potential health hazards such as gas leaks, appliance back-drafting (carbon monoxide), soil spores, and interior pollutants.
  • Performing combustion efficiency diagnostics on all gas-fired appliances.
  • Inspecting the attic space and under floor for moisture infiltration, potential toxins, airborne particulates, air barriers and thermal boundaries.
  • Testing and measuring the efficiency and performance of all heating and cooling systems and the efficiency of your home’s exterior envelope.
  • Looking inside your walls, ceilings, and floors using infrared thermal imaging to identify and locate air & water leaks, thermal insulation voids, and potential electrical hazards.
  • Observing plug loads, lighting, and other appliance usage.
  • Evaluating climate and weather patterns and factoring in their effect specific to your location.

Based on our findings, we recommend performance measures to optimize your building’s energy efficiency, health, and comfort.

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