Welcome to Comfort City

With over 20 years of experience, Comfort City has been successfully completing government; commercial and residential maintenance; installs and repairs for thousands of satisfied customers in California and Hawaii.

With a have a keen eye towards energy efficiency we have helped to significantly reduce the environmental and financial impacts of HVAC operations within commercial and residential buildings.

In addition, we offer emergency service for all of our customers. As a part of the service department, we have service/maintenance agreements available to ensure priority treatment and proper annual maintenance of installed HVAC equipment. We utilize state of the art test equipment with advanced fault detection and diagnostic algorithms that allow for early detection of potential system operational risks before they become system failures. We feel that taking a pro-active approach toward maintenance will prevent problems in the future and provide a more efficient system that operates as intended.

Comfort City Inc. is poised for continued strong growth in the coming years. With improved automated systems, organization and vision for the future, our company is well positioned to continue our roll as one of the leading HVAC companies in Northern California.

Comfort City Inc. has assembled and will continue to build on its winning team, comprised of creative and energetic employees, who are dedicated to delivering the most energy efficient equipment, tailored to our customers’ unique and individual applications, while maximizing budget dollars and providing the ultimate in comfort with the absolute minimum impact on our environment.

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